Baddeck Rugby Football club

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Welcome to our Website. 
Rugby is back in Victoria County, Cape Breton!

Rugby Nova Scotia granted the Victoria County entry official club status on Jan. 25 and we will eventually compete in the provincial Third Division as an exhibition team.

Training for the men's team is underway as part of a weekly basketball night in Baddeck. A weekly rugby-based training session will be added. The team has no home field yet, but he said people have offered to donate land that can be used to create a field.  As the program progresses we will step up efforts to sponsor other teams and investigate potential partnerships with schools.

"We are going to go alone first with a mini-rugby program and just see what the feedback will be from the community on that at a kids level before we approach schools, hoping that maybe the schools will see there is an interest."

Any questions Please contact us via email: [email protected]